Sunday, November 18, 2012

10 on 10 (a little late)

So give me credit for actually taking the pictures on 11/10.  I just haven't gotten to posting them.  Nothing exciting anyway (like Jodi's 10K).  I also realize there are only 9 photos - sue me.  I really hate blogger for adding photos now.  It is impossible to get them moved after loading to get them in order.  Deal with it, I'll number them.

1. up at 8:30 - I know, impressive that I slept in that long.
2. MK time - calls calls and more calls

3. time to make 3 dips for Jon's party - 12 bars of cream cheese later...
5. eating at OCB with Grandpa Moritz and Great-Grandpa
9. time for bed- spending the night at G/G Moritz so daddy can have guy time.

4. visiting Great-Grandpa Moritz.  he gave her goodie bins.

8. rocking in her chair at Grandma/pa Moritz

6. went to IKEA with Sara Kouba

7. petting Buddy, her favorite kitty

Monday, October 15, 2012

A New Adventure

I've been recruited as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.  Check out my website

I'm very excited for this new path.  Jon is very supportive.  So supportive that it is making me rethink the amount of time I plan on putting into this.  I thought at first it would only be a show or two a month, but Jon has visions of me doing 4 shows a week.

If you are interested in a facial or color consultation, please send an email to

Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 on 10

I have an alarm set on my phone for every 10th of the month.  It didn't go off until after I left for work so I forgot my camera.  Work isn't all that exciting anyway.  I tried to take 10 pictures once I got home.  I was only able to manage 8.  Enjoy!
My starter kit arrived!  Who's ready for a facial? :)

trying to tidy up my craft room

playing dressup

watercolors - this one was a bunny (massacred maybe?)

she wanted to wear underwear - then she peed.  Diaper it is.

Jon trying to tidy up his work bench.

dinner - NACHOS!

someone is NOT happy that is time for bed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


we are getting rid of internet, netflix, and hulu plus in an effort to get a handle on our finances.  Time to only have the necessities.  You may only here from me once in a blue moon.  I'm hoping I can leach internet from an outside source around here.

Mud Factor

It should have been called Dirt Factor.  There was only mud at the last two obstacles.  Probably a good thing because it was 47 degrees and windy.  Would have made for some hypothermia out there.  I did probably half of the obstacles.  I did both mud obstacles (because that was the whole point of the 5K right?!)  I came in a little under one hour - which with obstacles and running in there is good I guess.  Here are some photos - all after of course.
Meghan -you didn't get very muddy :)

my bottom half was worse than the top

Jon sneaking up behind me.

dirty, just dirty

Jon ringing out his muddy water shirt.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 on 10

My past two 10 on 10 posts I literally took a picture every hour for 10 hours.  Since I was at work for the last one, it wasn't all that exciting.  So this time I randomly took 10 pictures on September 10, 2012.  Enjoy!
gotta start the day with a cup of coffee

picked up Jolynn from daycare
off to the Y for some exercise!
I consider it a good workout if my pig tails are dripping.

since I was in the negative for calories today - I figured what the heck.  Plus, Jolynn wanted fries.

back to making monkeys

25/50 invites complete

a little light reading

only watched half of this before falling asleep

one last check in with FB before going to bed

Friday, August 10, 2012

10 on 10

7:30am - with new haircut requires new routine in the morning involving this hairdryer and a curling iron

 I warn you the next few hours are at work - B.O.R.I.N.G.  However, you may enjoy my music selection.
(this new Blogger sucks - I can't get any of my photos to move.  You'll just have to follow the captions)

8:30am - clocking in
11:30am - on to separating name on cards for picture day - still on Madonna

9:30am - sending out data requests for picture days and listening to Paula Abdul: Spellbound

12:30pm - quick break for lunch before moving on to another bundle of cards.  Now listening to Robyn.

10:30am - time for snack and Madonna

1:30pm - last bundle of cards.  On to All-4-One.  Never noticed when I listened to this in the 90's how dirty the lyrics are.

2:30pm - actually been doing this for the last 45 min and will continue to do it for the next 2 hours.  Going through old envelopes to make sure money was not missed.

3:30pm - on to the next bundle.  and music selection has switched to Country with Dixie Chicks.

2:30pm - needed a little break from the desk, took a walk around the office.  Photography training going on.

3:30pm - found a few checks in that batch - too bad they are from September and can't be cashed.

4:30pm - watering my Money Bonsai Tree for the weekend

5:30pm - picking up dinner

6:15pm - arrived at Desvousges to find Jolynn in PIG TAILS!

10:00pm - being silly before bedtime